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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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going to join us fur outnumbered overtime. are you ready? >> i'm not sure. [laughter] harris: there are no commercials, there are no rules. it's on facebook live. outnumbered nfc. we're back on tv at noon eastern tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. finish >> it shows a convention bounce for hillary clinton. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> the later on the fiery crash landing in dubai and what put people in danger. and a dc transit cop plotting to it help isis. a stabbing rampage leaves an american woman dead and five others wounded. what we are learning about the suspect and is there a terror
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link? >> a brand new poll raises concerns for donald trump. >> donald trump set to hold a town hall in maine while hillary clinton is out west in nevada. she has a rally with union leaders planned and a new fox news polls showed that trump is trailing clinton ten points. mrs. clinton with 49 percent of the voters and five points since the convention and the republican nominee trailing with 39 percent. and trump musing on a possibility of a november loss. >> we are going to get rid of obama and hillary. and wouldn't that be embarrassing to lose to crooked hillary clinton. that would be terrible. >> and trump is in maine holding his town hall today.
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>> reporter: campaign officialses said no one is surprised that hillary clinton opened up a ten point lead. >> here's what we saw. donald trump had a nice bump coming out of her convention and hillary clinton came out of her convention. the fact that 70 percent of the american people want a change in direction. as hillary clinton and tim kaine are embracing the third term of obama, that's a dangerous place to be. >> reporter: fund-raising numbers show donald trump that he and hillary are even in the money raising. dnc raised 90 million and trump got 82 million. he's raising from small donors that is remarkable because "she's done this 20 years" we
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have done it two months. and many thousands turned out for a pair of trump events in daytona beach and jacksonville and the nominee squashed rumors that campaign staffers are unhappy about the several day dids of rumors. >> the campaign is cog really well. right now, it is the best in terms of being uniteded. >> reporter: this afternoon, trump will be here in maine for the third event. portland is a sanctuary city and immigration is a topic, too. and that's why they are drawn to trump and the immigration. >> one bright spot for the trump campaign is fund raise aring. trump is closing the gap with hillary clinton last month. mostly via small donations. the nominee is confident that
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the trend will continue. >> we just took in this month $82 million and a lot of it is in small money. i am spending a lot from my own campaign and we are raising money for the republican party and the money is coming in which is doing great. and small contributions. $61 each. and few republicanses can do that and maybe no republican can do that. people want to see great things happen for our country. >> talk about it with chris wallace, anchor the fox news sunday and the big fox network. that is one of the bright spots for the trump campaign. it is a lot of money. it comes from small donors. >> there are campaign limits on how much you donate. and a small donnar, you can come
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back until they reach the limit as opposed to someone who maxes out the first time. convict plus million is a good number and one thing that is not so good is the fact that hillary clinton has a big campaign structure in place and donald trump does not. she had a big dat mining and she's running the ads and he is not. she has roughlily the same amount on hand. >> that is a point to bring up. she's been running antitrump ads in a lot of the critical swing states and trying to paint him as unqualified to be president obama he's not had the opportunity to answer yet. >> it is interesting to say
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unqualified. when i sat down with hillary clinton last week for fox news sunday. and you saw this in the convention. he's not running against him as a democrat as republican. but running against him fit versus qualified and unfit and unqualified. and so in a sense, she doesn't make it an issues battle. she is making a temperament battle. and he's lending himself. and making that easy for her. >> there was a lot of talk in the media that the trump campaign intervention was going to happen this weekend. supposedly so many senior republicans are upset about the way the trump campaign. paul manafort denied that to me here on fox news yesterday. but his campaign senior communication's advisor jason
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miller talked about it this morning on fox and friends. >> this is just silliness coming from the washington and clinton camp pain. they have done their job in working the contacts in the media and mr. trump speaks with a number of advisor and mayor guiliani and newt gingrich and reince priebus and they have a strong team. this is bluster and silly. >> is it just a media construct >> no. i have talked it john roberts, one of our people covering the campaign and talking to the trump campaign. first of all, common sense, why wouldn't you if you are a campaign official be upset with the way things are going and to the degree in which trump has made himself the issue and
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controversy the issue rather than make hillary clinton and her issues the target? i wondered about the intervention. you have a 70-year-old billionaire who has a healthy ego and that is understating this. intervention and come in the room and all of these people there and say donald, look, that wouldn't go well? my guess was the talk of the intervention and that they were trying to publicly to get the point across to mr. trump we are not happy with the way things are going and you are making a mistake and clean things up. i think the intervention happened but not in the traditional way of a family coming around. some are saying what trump needs to do is focus on on hiss attacks on hillary clinton. he did that talking about iran
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and $400 million payment that arrived in their doorstep. the justice department objected to the times of the transaction bras it looked like a ransome of four american prison upon -- prisoners. that was overruled by the justice department. how does one get their way over a payment that looks like a quid pro quo? >> because state was was in charge of dealing with iran. one assumes they had the final say about that. and to the degree it went to the white house and came down on the side of state. and again, the fact that we are talking about nine and half minuteds in the hour. this should be the lead and it isn't because donald trump prevent today from being the lead and talking about so many
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other thingses -- things. you have the slowest recovery since 1949. you have got secretary clinton saying things in our view that indicates that james comey exonerated her which is not true. and it seems like a ransome payment to iran and trump is not focusing on that. he's focusing ones khan, or paul ryan and john mccain and not endorsing them. he has plenty to target. he needs to stop talking about hillary clinton and stop talking about himself. >> they mysteriously get released on the same days as hostages are released. it looks odd.
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don't miss chris on fox news sunday. he will speak with newt gingrich and xavier basarra. and that is on fox news channel or check the local listings when it airs on on the big fox. >> and a 19-year-old man brutally murders an american woman in a popular tourist. police are calling it a random and spontaneous knife attack. the nowedgian- somalian descent upon suspect is charged with murder. later on in the show, we'll talk to an intelligence expert who warnses if it is connected to mental illness, does not mean that the threat is over. a law enforcement officer
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arrested on on federal terrorism charges heads back to court. a legal panel examines the case against him, next. >> this comes to president obama head to the pentagon for a report on on the fight against isis. afterwards he will hold a new's conference. >> and new detailsa a fiery crash landing with 300 people on board. what were the passengers doing while still in danger. it was not heading for the exits. after a long day,
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>> tropical storm earl slammed in to belize. we are keeping an eye on it. more than two dozen wildfires in
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the west. driveway conditions are making it hard to fight conditions. >> 31 large fires going on in the west right now. the majority in the northwest, the big one in big sur45000 acres have been burned so far. and we talked about the drought for years. we have highest level that is exceptional and a lot of california in that. we have rainy seasons around the four corners but that does not extend in california. we'll see a lot of rain in arizona in the last couple of days and it will stretch in new mexico and colorado. flash flooding advisories in effect. and as you mentioned, tropical storm earl, was a hurricane in
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belize. and now headed to guatamala. when you have tropical moisture hitting mountain there is a lot of water and flooding will be extreme. it will not go back over the water and no additional strengthening. but a lot of rain will be falling. some spots over 12 inches. and there will be a lot of flash flooding for those folks. we are in hurricane season obviously. but we really begin the up ramp of peak of hurricane season september 10th. we'll see is more activity coming shortly and we in the u.s. need to watch for that. >> we certainly will, rick, thank you. >> right now, we are learning what went on the emis after it crash landed in dubai and burst
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in to flames on the runway. that is just one of the explosions that hit the jet after the fire broke out. some passengers held up the evacuation process while they tried to get bags out of the overhead compartment. despite this everyone made it out alive. one firefighter responding to the crash died. the accident is affecting travel all over the world. it is separating with just round way and flights and cancivations are lelaid. >> a new political adwith a anti- trump message. it is not coming from hillary clinton or the democrat party. and key battleground states, in
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>> the race for the white house for key battleground states. hillary clinton is ahead in all of them. in florida, she has a four point edge over trump and widens in pennsylvania, so clinton pulling ahead of trump 48- 39 of the and bigger lead in new hampshire. we'll keep an eye out. as a gop from colorado becomes
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the first house republican to air political adwith with an anti- trump message. take a listen. >> what do you think about trump? honestly i don't care for him much and i don't trust hillary. i am a marine country comes first. and my duty is to you. >> and later in the adhe will stand up to trump and hold hillary clinton accountable. >> and former pollster for the cruz campaign and nice to have you both. we have new numbers and chris, what do you make of a fellow republican about the nominee. >> my fear is first of many. it is what we warned about that trump could lose see badly he could take the house and senate and create a senate majority that passed hillary's agenda and
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if trump doesn't stop the blowing and recovery his cam pain. >> this is just after the convention and things will settle down after this week. are they lasting? >> we'll see, it is an unprecedented campaign and election cycle and it is hard to it say if it passes prolog. typically conventions bounces only last so long. it is a perfect storm with the battleground states. not only is hillary clinton coming off a strong performance in the democratic national convention in pennsylvania. but donald trump hasn't had the best week or so and strungling with the gold star family argument and back and forthwith paul ryan and questions over the comments he had on ukraine with george stephanopilis. it is a perfect storm. will donald trump come back and
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will something happen and hillary clinton stumble? >> only time will tell. we know that trump is drawing the huge crowds and you can see it on television. he has the turn out and how much stake can we put in the numbers? >> it is a good question. he was able to increase turn out in the primarieses and it was not new voters. it was people who had not traditionally voted and is he able to increase that. pennsylvania, that is clear, he has to win those states. he will not do as well out west. and so if it is not close are than the polling shows he is in trouble. >> does that translate to turn out and the jury is out on that. >> that raises a question whether or not hillary clinton is benefitting from the convention because people believe in her or benefitting
10:26 am
when the trump campaign seemses to stumble. >> it is a bit of both probably. we talked about extensively both hillary clinton and donald trump have high unfavorable rates. the race is a binary choice of lesser of two evils and maybe this week it is hillary clinton and next week donald trump. battle ground states is what we need to pockus our attention in my opinion national polls are not too much of a hill of a beans. and so we got to take a look. and have democrats are co. and donald trump needs to overperform and he performs well with working class whites in places like nevada which i understand hillary clinton will be in today. and more diversity and greater
10:27 am
presence of hispanic and latino immigrants. they will have to split the baby. it will be interesting who gets on on top. >> and donald trump is exceeded every expectation and every prediction from those that know and you look at hillary clinton numbers, both of them don't have favorable. and she's not above more man 50 percent. and is there room for mr. trump to make gains? >> there is. no question about that. and that is the challenge i discussed earlier and as long as trump keeps the focus on him and the not hillary clinton it is not good. if she say ises under 50 percent it is a challenge. but donald trump talks about himself or kicking babies out of
10:28 am
rallies and known existing poll numbers it creates challenges. he has to frankly get the focus back on hillary clinton. >> those babies? >> i have two of them. >> they are. i would feel distracted. and anyway, it is something we'll watch we'll watch the poll numbers and young children in the crowd. >> ivanka has babies at home. >> decorated war veteran goes on the record after giveingly donald trump his purple heart. was the metal the real deal with people in the media? we have the facts next. >> and a deadly stabbing attack in london. what it means for a growing
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a 19-year-old man murders a woman in her 60s and wounded other people. the police searched for motiveses but said there was no sight of radicalization. >> the location. knife attack is suspicious. it took place from the 2005 doming where an islamic terrorist blew up a bus leaving 26 dead. >> it blew up by the bma. and first thing that crossed my mind. and that is 11 years ago. >> that was the words of the commissioner. we know there is a heightened threat now. whether it was mental health or terrorism in it. we know that we are more are secure if there is a greater police presence.
10:34 am
>> london is saying it is not terrorism. it comes as president obama is set to look at a briefing in the pent govenlt we'll talk to our guest,na veed. london police were awfully quick to say it was not terrorism. does that surprise you? can you explain it? >> it doesn't surprise me there is a motivation to come out and address this directly. terrorism is a broad term. this attacker travelled to syria or connection to isis that may not be the case. it doesn't have to be a directed attack to be terrorism and self styled radicalized terrorist that is sort of the name of the game now unfortunately.
10:35 am
i am not so sure that is an honest appraiser. >> the attackers in san bernardino pledged loyalty to the isis and leadership. >> that is important to remember that 2.7 million muslims, they reside in london and tamp down the tension that emerges and this was a direct attack that might say something about the london security. that isis wants to hit france, germany and uk. it is timing that is with a specific threat. >> there is a story in the new york times that an isis sympathizer drove to germany and
10:36 am
drove to syria and they said to go to it germany and attack there. we have plenty to fight in syria. >> as isis loses grounds, the need for foreign fighters is not there. they have to find another way and that is to use citizens of a specific country in their home country to carry out attacks and as we saw in france and other countries, you don't need much to do this. you don't need to go to syria or direct funding for isis. it is it a new threat that is emerging. >> the guy who was arrested in connection with the murder and other standings. he was norwedgian- somalia and 19-year-old, the brain is not done forming at age 19 in males
10:37 am
and who is to it say he didn't decide to impress somebody at isis with a knife? >> that's why i take exception to the term as the british are say issing radicalized. you don't need to be radicali radicalized. we are seeing a different model video, inspiring aal videos and twitter. where someone doesn't have a two- way conversation to be inspired to carry out attacks. that's the world we live in and that is very dangerous. >> your expertise is catching people like. this how do you prevent them? any ideas? >> the good news is, you can build a profile like as with everything else.
10:38 am
isis is doing that. look at san bernardino and france and germany, you will see a profile that is starting to develop about what these types of people are the of the isis is targeting certain people for recruitment and we have to figure out what that profile is. we can detect these people. and we can stop them. >> unfortunately profiling is a dirty word and unacceptable in certain segments of our society today. >> i said to them, is that like, the real one or a copy? and he said that is my real purple heart. i have such confidence in you. i said man, that is like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier.
10:39 am
i tell you, it was an honor and maybe i can bring him up on the stage. lieutenant cornell lewisdorfman. [applause] [chants of usa] >> there is a lot of talk about p the misstep. how much is real and created by the media. this is a poignant moment on tuesday during donald trump's rally on tuesday. when lieutenant cornell dorfman. questions surfaceded about the authtisity of the medal. >> they made it clear to reporters it was a copy of the purple heart and not the real
10:40 am
one. >> he had the sentiment there from the guy. >> recipient of the purple heart medal. he gave a copy to trump as a rally and nbc awarded it to service members wounded in combat was a copy. >> and yesterday, the lieutenant set the record state. was it a copy. >> it was my real purple heart. >> i had two purple hearts with me. my original in my pocket and i had another one i showed in case it was damaged or lost or snatched i wanted him to have my real purple heart. which i gave him. >> that was so interesting. it has been a big story about donald trump's reaction and the press saying it is not the real purple heart and i asked my
10:41 am
husband. is there a real medal and then you get copies. you get the real metal and then you have other versions and it doesn't matter if lou gave him. he gave him his purple heart. and splitting hairs over that is a way to minimize that gesture in some way. >> that is shocking. >> and in media accounts of this on through the campaign it will referred to as a copy even though you got him saying it is the real deal. >> that was not difficult. we asked him if he would like to talk to us. and we asked him if it was real. it was not a challenging fact to che check. and it is interesting to see it will be a copy in the weeks to come.
10:42 am
and that is an interesting story to watch. the real story. and that is years of surveillance. and how strong is the fbi's case against the d~ c's transit officer. even though the next guest thinks it is it a constitutional problem. >> he was a lonely giechlt he was quiet and never interacted with anybody. usually you say hey to your neighbors. >> would he say hey back? >> he would say nothing.
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>> new information on a disturbing store developing at this time. there is a hearing for a dc metro transit officer trying to help the islamic state. he was arrested yesterday and the first american law enforcement officer to face
10:46 am
terror charges. prosecutorses said they have watched him for years. all of this happening when a man was arrested in north carolina with ties. the texas extremist that. eric jammal hendistrictsmentes to create an isis sleeper cell. that's how they were able to get to him. brian, you have issues with the dc case. you think it could be an overreaction, why do you believe that? >> absolute. i think it is manufactured by the fbi and rubber sfachled again by the u.s. department of justice. we just went through the fbi recommending not to idict a former secretary of state and
10:47 am
mountain of evidence. and timing, too? all of the sudden, mr. young, and i haven't seen evidence to support the arrest for domestic terrorism is paraded in a courtroom in a middle of a presidential election. this is politically motivated. >> that's what you believe based on the arrest? eric this is what the charge papers said. he sent codes for 22 gift cards individuals who joined isis and he believed they would buy message being apps to communicate ufrnd the radar. and they followed him for years and watched him make trips overseas; is that enough to arrest him? >> i am sure it is enough. the fbi takes their time to make sure they get the right people and give him enough rope to hang themselves. they will put them under
10:48 am
surveillance and read the messages and internet and this guy was kind of paranoid that his e-mails were being read. he was right. the fbi has to make sure that any type of person that aids and abets isis will be captured. >> but brian, it goes back to 2010, he had interviews in the fbi five yearses later. he told libya he had fought in libya to fight against with the rebels and the fact that he is around and working with a bad guy is alarming. i mean, especially to the people of dc. >> the fbi watched him for five years and that supports my argument. they haven't found anything yet in five yearses to arrest the guy and then use a $245 he sent
10:49 am
to someone overseases and there is no evidence that i have seen in the problemable be cause. we are talking about evidence and not allegations. much like marylinmosley went through on freddie gray. and when the trial came all of the evidence fell through. what about the gift dared and the fact he was working with an informant. is it enough to charge him and hold him and arrest him. is he really a threat? >> of course it is enough. of course, it is enough and prian knows just like i do we have had the cases where the fbi
10:50 am
giving them enough to go out there and talk indict. >> unfortunately we have to go, we're up against a commercial break. we'll be watching this break. as word comes out, we'll take a second look at it. brian and eric, thank you so much. sudan is spiraling into a civil war, claiming hundreds and thousands of lives, despite a peace deal brokered by the obama administration. a full report, just ahead. your insurance company won't replace
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hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. new polls in battleground states not looking great for donald trump. a look at his campaign's strategy. plus the obama
10:54 am
administration digging in over a planeful of cash delivered in the middle of the night to iran. we will talk to someone who actually helped facilitate the release of one of the americans detained there. and why the u.s.'s bombing strategy in libya may not actually work. top of the hour. stay with us. tribal fighting breaks out across south sudan, sparking new fier fea fears. this after billions of dollars from the united states. cnn correspondent adam housley has more. >> reporter: you might remember the genocide in rwanda in the '90s. a lot of people are worried that this new country is collapsing and could become the next rwanda.
10:55 am
carved out sued of sudan after . >> there were excellent reasons for the united states to support a partition of sudan. where we made our mistake was believing that massive economic assistance and nation building could overcome the longstanding tribal divisions. >> reporter: and tribal fighting has once again plunge the region into a humanitarian crisis the u.n. describes as a c catastrophic. >> estimated 4.8 million are food-insecure in south sudan. we don't have access to all of them. it's a very fluid situation with a lot of violence. >> reporter: since 2013, nearly a million people have fled. during that same time period the u.s. gave south sudan billions of dollars. a former government official recently fled the country.
10:56 am
>> the u.s. give a lot of money to south sudan without any accountability. and that has made the leaders in south sudan to be unruly and unaccounted for. >> we're obviously very concerned about the current violence. we're calling on all sides to abide by the cease-fire and refrain from any more destabilizing rhetoric. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has mostly been evacuated and we're told there are 12,000 u.n. troops on the ground. but there is a debate between the u.n. and the u.s. on what should be done. their mission expires on august 12th. >> adam housley, thank you. we'll be right back with a special berth day.
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10:59 am
in the final 30 today, happy birthday to the u.s. coast guard, established 226 years ago today. the motto, "always ready." >> for more than two centuries the coast guard has been protecting america's maritime
11:00 am
interests. the force is nearly 42,000 strong. also happy birthday to our very own bret baier as well. >> and the president. >> and i might add. >> happy birthday, mr. scott! >> thanks for joining us. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. the presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail today with donald trump working to get back on message and hillary clinton riding new momentum after results from some brand-new fox polls. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream inside america's election headquarters. first up, mrs. clinton visiting a tech company later this hour in the key battleground state of nevada, while trump makes his third visit to maine today, looking to turn the tables in deep blue territory. we have fox team coverage on all of this with senior national correspondent john roberts following the trump campaign live in portland,


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